“Beading therapy” is what I would consider a form of art therapy. I learned how to “bead” during a few of my hospitalizations and it has become a part of my meditation, prayer, self-care and relaxation that I practice daily. I can pray while I make beaded bracelets and jewelry, meditate, relax, love myself, and truly shut off my brain and clear those racing thoughts. Focusing on the art of making jewelry with various sizes of beads is life changing for the brain. We are hard wired with particular neural connections and the brain can be re-trained as need be. This exercises our brain and the ability to switch our frame of reference to something less stressful (well, maybe if you aren’t into art you might find it stressful lol). I am not artistically inclined and I have adopted this as a hobby in which I hope to continue. I have learned to make bracelets, necklaces, some earrings and am working on more complex sets. This can be a form of therapy or hobby for men and women. I make a lot of wooden, beaded bracelets and other pieces of jewelry for men! If you have any questions or would like to start making jewelry with me, just let me know.

“Beading Mental Illness” is what influenced the naming of this website (like, BeaTing Mental Illness, but with BEADS).