In a society like our own, we are stuck in comparing our lives with those around us, celebrities, athletes, successful business professionals, models, and anyone/anything that we think we “don’t have.” We are so concerned about what others are doing, what they think of us, and what we can do to compete with them. Now there is nothing wrong with being competitive, but when it starts to affect your mental and physical health—it is unhealthy and needs to be remedied.

Instead of focusing on what people think of us or how we want to portray ourselves, we should be focused on what God says about us. We use social media to show us “living our best lives.” C’mon, the majority of people do not post when they are depressed, suffering, hurting, heartbroken, or in a bad place. Instead, they cover it up with a facade or they just refrain from sharing. Sure, we don’t need to publicize our whole lives, but why are we hiding? Why are we so worried about what others think of us? It’s great to have a respectable reputation and all, but it’s not more important than how God sees us. He loves us right where we are, just as we are.

God’s love for you is not based upon your performance, rather your relationship with Him. We don’t have to earn it, it’s freely given with grace for those who call upon Him! So call upon Him! You don’t need approval, just His unconditional love!

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