God has been moving mightily in my life and has given me so many revelations to share and write about….I pray that He has been moving mountains in your lives and that His grace has been overflowing.

I have been reading quite a few books on the promises of God, biblical numerology and the importance of purity and celibacy before marriage. God has spoken so many things into my life that I’d like to share with you all. I would like to start with the free gift of grace that He gives us so abundantly and faithfully.

Grace is mentioned 555 times in the NKJV bible.

is the number for grace, according to numerous sources on biblical numerology.

555 is the number for complete and total grace from God (triplicates of numbers represent completeness).

There are so many different meanings to numbers, but I want to focus on the number 5. 

God gives us grace, freely. We don’t have to do anything to earn it. Grace is ‘unmerited favor’ which is His goodness for those who consider Him their Lord and Savior and there is nothing that anyone can do to earn it, because quite frankly–we do not deserve it. As human beings that live in the world, we are sinners. God knows this. He also knows every time we sin and every time we are going to sin. He sees and knows everything. But even knowing this, God still extends grace to all those who love Him.

Now think about it–that is unconditional love.

Imagine this. Every time we fight, disagree, hurt one another or mess up in our relationships that complete and total grace is extended to our loved ones. That would make for amazing relationships. BUT, that is not how human nature works. Our fleshly instinct is to hold grudges, fight back, hurt the other person, seek retaliation, and other sorts of evil to make a point.

God doesn’t do that. He doesn’t need to. He is sovereign. There is nothing we can do to earn the grace. It is a free gift. A gift is given, a reward is earned. A reward is earned because there is a certain amount of works that need to be done to gain the reward. However, grace doesn’t work this way.

Knowing that God extends so much grace, think about all the times He has covered you with His grace. Amazing right? So many times, right? Each and every time and every time after that. Man, we have such a merciful God.

When you cussed out your mom, He extended grace. When you flipped off that guy who cut you off on the freeway, He extended grace. When you cheated on a partner, He extended grace. When you lied to get out of something, He extended grace. When you were dishonest, He extended grace. When you disobeyed Him, He extended grace. While you sin, think about sinning and keep on sinning, He is extending grace. His grace is alive and ever-flowing. This isn’t to say that because it is freely given, that you should just sin just to sin. God knows your heart and handles you accordingly.

I remember in my high school and college days when I wasn’t walking with the Lord, I was a mess. I still am, haha, but in a very different way. We all are. But, I would do things just to make myself feel more worthy. I fought low self-esteem and unworthiness because I wasn’t loved the way I needed to be as a child. My dad was absent so I tried to seek attention and affection from other men to make myself feel loved. I needed validation. I thought, if I just loved them then they would always love me. If I let them do whatever they wanted to me, they would never leave me. If I let them take advantage of me, they would never look at another woman. If I let them abuse me, they would stop. If I “sold myself” to them, they would stay with me forever. THAT WAS ANYTHING, BUT THE TRUTH.

The more I found myself finding worth in these men, the more I lost my identity and self-worth in them. I grew depressed and felt so unworthy because this type of love was so conditional and based in the world. The world has nothing to offer when it comes to unconditional love. God’s love is unconditional. I didn’t know that yet so I continued this behavior and ended up in relationships were I was abused and taken advantage of in terrible ways always believing it was my fault. It wasn’t my fault for their behavior, but it was my fault for staying. It was the only love I knew. It never lasted long and if it did, it was so unhealthy that the outcome was always the same. Hurt. Heartbreak. Depression. And the cycle repeated.


Oh He is so good. Through all those seasons, He has covered me with so much grace. Grace that I question sometimes, “WHY ME GOD?” And He always reassures me that it is because I am His beloved daughter.

Now, because of this grace, I respect myself. I know I am worthy. I know I am a daughter of the Most High. I know I deserve to be treated like a queen with respect and honor. I know I deserve respect. And I know a man will extend grace as the Lord does if He is a man after God’s own heart.

There are many times, I see the number 555 when I find myself in certain circumstances, while in prayer in the car and reflecting on things going on in life. I see the number on street signs, license plates, the clock (I’ll wake up at 5:55 every morning or it is 5:55 when I look at the clock throughout the day), on receipts, and so many other ways.

These are all ways that God communicates with us. He gives so many signs. He is always speaking we just have to be listening. I want to say, I do not obsess over or glorify numbers over the bible or His word, but I whole-heartedly believe that there is a lot of meaning behind these numbers. If you study biblical numerology, there are so many numbers that have such significant meanings that God so perfectly orchestrated together throughout His word and the world.

I encourage you to think about all the times God has given you grace when you didn’t deserve it. How has it kept you afloat? How much closer have you grown to God through that season?



 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”


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