Community is vital to our lives as humans. Humans thrive for social interactions and similar connections.

Webster’s dictionary defines community as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, beliefs and goals. Fellowship is so important to engage on an interpersonal level with those in similar faith to grow one another in their walk with God. Those that partner together and “do life together” will more often grow much deeper into God’s word as they can testify to His promises becoming their living truth. The deeper we study and surround ourselves in brothers and sisters of Christ, the more alike one another becomes and the closer their personal relationship with God becomes. God is able to better mold us into Jesus’ image as we spend time in the Word, with other believers, and living the authentic life of faith. This is interpersonal community and connection illustrated during communion at church.

The word communion means the service of Christian worship at which bread (body of Christ) and wine (blood of Christ) are consecrated and shared. This service is held in church which includes the congregation of fellow Christians whom are reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus’ who died for our sins. In this same way, we are joining in community with people of a similar belief, in fellowship, to share common interests and life goals.

Not only is community important in church during the good times of life, but community is crucial in times of crisis. Community brings comfort and empathy during times of trouble, dark seasons, and other valleys that happen as a part of life. It is important not to lose community just because the problems in life are resolved. It is equally important to have community and fellowship during the hills and valleys in life. These problems that arise are an opportunity to internally reflect upon things that are on the outside/external.

Similarly, those who suffer with mental illness tend to isolate and avoid others because they are afraid of judgment. They may feel as if they don’t belong. Others may make them feel or say they are “crazy.” They may carry a heavy burden due to the label that society places on those with a mental health diagnosis. This causes mental illness to worsen, spiral downward and unfortunately can be the result of those not seeking help and even suicide. It is a real struggle! I know for me, I was told by another believer that “God doesn’t believe in medications and mental illness, that it is all from the devil.” Although we may be suffering with internal demons from our past and possibly genetic predisposition that create our mental illness, it is so hurtful that these sufferers are told such things. Empathy and prayer go a long way!

With that said, it is important to surrender all this pain, heartache, brokenness, illnesses, and all else to God so that we can be delivered. I am learning that God cannot work within me if I am full of myself and not humble. Releasing the spirit of “fear” and “arrogance” brings forth a tender heart in which God can work in and through. Joshua 1:9, Romans 12:2, 1 Timothy 1:6-7.

Only God knows what we truly experience and how much we need Him. This is why it is so important to surrender, daily, to Him and give all those burdens and worries to Him because He promises to deliver us. When we put everything in His hands we begin to see His hands in everything. Enjoy the songs below! ❤



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