This will be a rather simple and quick post, as God has shown me this post would be best kept that way.

What I will say is, life looks a lot different depending on whose mirror you are examining your reflection in.

I ask, are you looking in your own mirror or God’s mirror? Because those two mirrors will show you many different things. God’s mirror will show you love, joy and gratitude whereas the world’s mirror will show you the temporary things of this world. No wonder so many men and women have a distorted self-image.

You are who God says you are. Accept no less. The world lies. And you can’t be the one to fall for them.

It is similar to a camera. Depending on which lense you use, will change your perspective of the picture you take. The size, quality and focus on the photograph will be completely different than if you used another one…this is like God’s mirror versus yours!


Listen to this song and reflect…enjoy!


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