Happy Saturday!

I feel a little off kilter today because I was really busy this morning and didn’t get a chance to blog. That’s what happens when I skip my self-care! 😉 But here it goes! 🙂

As I was on a long distance drive today, I was thinking about how important self-care is. In today’s society, the pace of life is so quick and spontaneous that are days are “Go, go, go” yet we aren’t paying attention to our own needs. We’ve got to fill up the car when it is on empty because without gas it won’t go. But many of us will push ourselves under ’empty’ and wonder why we fall sick, weak or even depressed without self-care. So many of us are guilty of it. I know I am! But, I would definitely say I have gotten a lot better at implementing self-care daily because I know what happens to me over time when I don’t–burnout, sickness, and emotional breakdowns. My goal is usually one self care item per day and once it becomes a routine, your body will almost crave it! When I say self-care I mean something that pulls you away from the hustle and bustle of the day and allows you to focus on yourself, your mind, your physical body, your spirit, you being–really, just YOU! How hard is that? Hard I know. But, it must be done! Some examples of self-care include: a candle-light bath, a warm shower, a cup of tea, meditation, prayer, a pedicure/manicure, a massage, affirmations, jacuzzi, compliment yourself, etc. Anything that allows you to unplug, de-stress and unwind. You’d be so surprised how far a self compliment can go on a bad day! Being able to focus on your breath and the capacity of your being. This allows for us to be present and soak in positivity, gratitude, encouragement, love, peace, and more!

In my own self-care I love to get massages or get adjusted at the chiropractor and even exercising! Shout out to my chiropractor, seriously adjustments have changed my life. If y’all need a referral ask me and I will point you in the direction of a fantastic doctor. I have a lot of back issues and when I have anxiety or am stressed my muscles are so tense and become rock hard so much so that I am in so much pain by the end of the day. After my chiropractor took x-rays of my back he said I have the structure of a 60 year old. I’m 27. Real promising, doc. I also love to sit in silence with a cup of tea or occasionally coffee and pray. Prayer truly helps me focus on God, my thankfulness, and really the ability to separate myself from the world and tap into the spiritual realm which operates in peace, love, joy and so much more fuzzy feelings! We all deserve to love ourselves and treat ourselves well! Our mind and bodies work very hard for us so we must pay back mother nature LOL!

Self-care is an important part of our emotional, mental and physical well being. In my case, I always used to operate in overdrive. Always on the go. Always busy. Always doing something for somebody. Always serving others. Not ever serving myself. I mean helping others is wonderful and all. But my body and mind say, “Woman, calm down, slow down and take care of me or I will shut down myself.” Well, if my body could talk to me and if my thoughts were spoken to me that is what they would say. HAHA. I’m a nut! In any case, self-care can help us with our cardiovascular health in terms of reducing stress and working out our muscles. It can help our mental health reducing risks for depression, anxiety and other mental illness. It helps our emotional well being as cortisol is released less in our body and endorphins are produced instead giving us that euphoric state of being. Just like after finishing a tough workout! That always feels amazing! Even with sore muscles lol. Sometimes I feel like I have to drag my butt home, but physically and mentally I feel ready to conquer the world….well depending on the workout, but for the purposes of this blog, let’s just say I always feel good lol. Our total body wellness, which includes our physical, emotional and mental health, is so crucial to the way we operate in this world and how we perceive the world around us.

Have you ever been cut off on the freeway? Have you ever been cussed out at the store? Have you ever run into someone at the store and just wanted to tell the person to smile? These are people whom likely are in overdrive or not practicing self-care. It’s that important!

I encourage you all reading this to pick a self-care item and practice it daily for a week and then change it up. Notice how much different you feel every day. How much more energy you have. How much happier you feel. And how much more satisfying life feels even after those long, hard days. Write down the changes you’ve noticed. Write down how different you feel.Do this for a week and then add in another self care item. Do the same thing. Write down the changes and try to track your mood. How does your mood change from day to day when you do self care versus when you don’t? We both know it helps but how much does it help? The idea here is to add in self care items so it becomes a habit and an everyday routine. Do it for a month and you won’t want to go back!

I’ve included a list below of some self-care tips for the mind, body and soul in case you are in need of some suggestions!

Happy self-caring! ❤




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