Good morning lovelies!

I hope everyone had a good night’s rest and are ready to begin another day of school. The subject is Mental Health 101. Get out your notebooks and pens please! Haha, just kidding! I think I got the jokes this morning. It must have been that butter croissant I just finished eating! Another disclaimer: I tend to joke around a lot and can be very sarcastic so please, hang tight! If you find it offensive (which I truly hope you never do), feel free to press the MUTE button, and let me know when you find it because my family would truly treasure you to get me to stop talking! 🙂

Anyway, I do want to note that I have been super pumped since releasing this last night. I am so incredibly thankful for all the encouraging and enlightening comments that I have received thus far, I truly didn’t expect to feel so empowered and supported after posting. So I sincerely thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to be my audience, allow me to be heard and understood. To be truly frank, I actually thought it would cause a lot of controversy because I have dealt with a lot of that even within my own family. I definitely expected and still expect some to disagree with me on the spiritual part (especially, which know my goal is not to convert anyone or throw my beliefs on you….only to encourage and share the truth that I live by), but needless to say I expect some disagreement with the hospitalization process and even the medications which is OK. So if you feel the need to speak up and disagree or give constructive criticism please share on the blog. Please just be mindful of what you do say as others may be very sensitive to things around this topic. But, I will say I’m not a die hard medication fan, yet what I will testify to is that coupled with therapy and an amazing support system, medication has saved my life for sure. It provided a jump start. Mental illnesses have a genetic component as well as environmental, however, biochemically there is an imbalance occurring and some people truly need the medication for a short time or life long to keep things balanced and there is absolutely no shame in that. So if you are on the fence about that decision, please feel free to contact me to discuss and I can share my opinions and more of my experience with that separately, but please know I am very open minded as we all have our own story, our own journey and our own testimony which gives us our purpose. If you so desire, I would love to walk alongside you in your darkest and brightest days!

Wow…see how much I yap, lol. I am the queen of tangents, so let me pull myself together. Ok, we are good now! Anyway, what was on my heart this morning was exactly what the title reads. And that is, everyday we are given breath in our lungs, every morning is a new beginning and a new day to leave behind what yesterday and the days before entailed. I don’t know about you, but to me that is a breath of fresh air. That no matter what mistakes I made yesterday or in the past, no matter how bad of a day I had, no matter how much my mental health was weighing me down, maybe even my physical health–there is always another day coming for greater goodness and hope. Always! I know, trust me, in the midst of a panic attack, depression, a day of anxiety, suicidal ideation, mood swings, addiction, and anything else it is so difficult to see the light and see hope, but there is always light. There is always hope. For me personally, God is my hope. He is my salvation and He is the Alpha and the Omega. For you it may be something different and that is perfectly ok. Whatever works for you, continue doing! What works for me, might be ridiculous to someone else and visa versa.

What I do what to encourage is today, even for 5 minutes, step away from the hustle and bustle of today, of the holiday shopping, of work and kids, husbands, and all else. Just sit. Whether that be in your car, your room, in the shower, wherever you can just be still. Be still and mediate, pray, sit in silence or what it is you do to ground yourself. Grounding is the technique of being fully present, non-judgmental of yourself, and just allowing yourself to feel the chair you are sitting on, hear whatever sounds you may be around, look at your surroundings and notice things just for what they are, smell whatever may be around you or imagine your favorite smell. Try to engage in this for at least 5 minutes. If you have never done this before you may notice how difficult 5 minutes is, even 1 minute. I may be speaking for myself, but I know when I first started I had such a hard time and even on certain days where I had been triggered a lot, I certainly have a hard time grounding but all it takes is the effort. Once you have completed this, you should feel a sense of relief. Tranquility. Clear mindedness. Comfort. Peace. Maybe even joy. Or laughter. Maybe even tears. Maybe you feel angry. Discouraged. Defeated. Whatever it is, just notice it. Just let it be. Don’t judge it, don’t try to remove it, just notice it and let it be. But don’t let those negative thoughts reign! YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH AND YOU ARE SO LOVED! I’d suggest after this, jot down what you experienced in a journal that way you can reflect on it. This is an excellent strategy to really unplug and unwind from day to day craziness.

And this my friends, is now the first completion of a therapy session. Haha, just kidding. Again, I am not a qualified professional to administer any sort of therapy, but I am just sharing my experiences in psychotherapy.

I hope this brings you hope today! Have a blessed day! These two songs below give me so much hope! Enjoy!

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